quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

Thiago Pethit


Thiago pethit - Nightwalker

Música e Letra/Song and Lyrics: Thiago Pethit e Rafael Barion

My shoes
They took me for a walk
I guess
We walked a hundred blocks
When it was time to go back
We were getting off the tracks
They said
'Just one more cigarette'
A drink or two would not be bad
My shoes
They took me to a bar
Quite soon
I said
'We're in a trap, we are'
One shot made me feel brand new
Two and all I thought was you
Dancing, dancing
Dreaming of a neon light
Dancing, just dancing
I've got you deep inside of my mind
How sad
Is a dancer on his own?
Too bad
The steps they all seem wrong
One shot just made me feel blue
Two, I'm getting through with you
One day
I hope I might be right
One night
Like any other night
Your shoes will take you for a walk
And they will lead to my door

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